21 Amazing Tiny Houses That Would Awe You

This article highlights 21 amazing tiny houses that have been previously featured on Tiny Quality Homes. It also includes links to the video tours where you can see further features of the tiny houses.

Lovely Japanese-Like Tiny House

This tiny house below has simple features with a touch of Japanese design.
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Spacious, With Loft, Tiny House In A Legal Community

This Tiny House belongs to Pierre. He purchased it from its previous owner, a DIY Builder, that decided to sell it after one year of usage. This beautiful Tiny House was also at the centre of the 2016 Tiny House Festival. However, it has since been moved to its permanent lot where it is 100% legal.
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Repossessed Barn-Like Off-Grid Living Tiny House

This is a repossessed tiny house that is suitable for off-grid living. It is valued at $5000.
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Tiny House Fabricated With Steel Frame That Weighs Less Than 1 Tonne

This beautiful tiny house is built by a guy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He also delivers this tiny house anywhere across the USA.
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Quality Tiny House with Fantastic Floor Plan

This tiny house has a number of recommended features with a fantastic floor plan
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Grain Silo Tiny House In Arizona

This is a modified grain silo that has been customized into a tiny house with an added good looking front entrance.
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Rustic Tiny House for New Couple

This featured tiny house has a rustic feel to it. It is owned by a newly-wed couple.
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Clean Tiny House with Elevator Bed and Open Space

This tiny house is a recently completed project by Ana White and her Husband. It is a tiny house with a modern rustic feel to it and it is also on wheels.
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Incredibly Beautiful Tiny House with Custom Storage in the Floor

This beautiful tiny house was built with great attention to detail. Its interior is copiously painted with white and it has a lot of the features you would expect in a standard house.
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Beautiful 2 Bedroom Tiny House with a Fireplace

This beautiful tiny house has a unique feature of having a fireplace which is quite uncommon for a tiny house.
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Phenomenal Small Traditional Japanese Renovated House

This video tour looks at a small traditional Japanese house that was once used to cultivate silk worms but has now been transformed into a beautiful simple small house by the owner. The renovation majorly involves using original traditional Japanese materials that were bought at bargain/affordable prices.
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Cool Tiny House with Fireplace

This featured tiny house is made up of bunk beds, lots of windows, open living room and a little fireplace.
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“3-Storey” Tiny House atop a Cliff

This tiny house was designed with a lot of attention and care put into its functionality. It is relatively energy efficient. It is also a “3-storey” tiny house.
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Simple Tiny House with Large Central Circular Window

This tiny house has unique features such floating stairs and a large central circular window.
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Minimalist Off-Grid Tiny Tree House

This tiny house is a mostly tiny tree house with hanging bridge that connects to a deck perched up in the trees. Wood has been used for several parts of the house including the sink, countertops, interiors and exteriors.
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Tiny House with Artistic Interior Decoration

This tiny house has a number of feature options which include stainless steel appliances, fireplace, futon, large loft that can easily fit a king-size bed, and washer/dryer combo.
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Panelised Tiny House with Smart Appliances

This featured tiny house shows good workmanship and use of CNC or automated system to carve out panels that are then assembled to form the tiny house.
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Prototype Solar Powered Tiny House Pod

This tiny house pod, the innovation pod, can be configured into various shapes and sizes. It can also serve various purposes such as a mobile office, a shop, a tiny house or an art gallery.
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Tiny House with 400 Series Stainless Steel Wall and Radiant Floor Heating

This tiny house was designed with a unique attention to details. It comes with some unique features like a 400 series stainless steel wall, roth radiant floor heating and it is also off-grid ready.
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Tiny House California: Tiny House Built in 2008

This tiny house on wheels in Santa Clarita, California is very tiny with simple features and great location. It was purchased for $5000.

Biologist Gabriella Skollar lives in the tiny house, which is in the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, California, where she studies gibbons.
Tiny Houses https://tinyqualityhomes.net/tiny-house-california-tiny-house-built-in-2008/

Horsebox Converted to Tiny House

This tiny house was a horse box that has been converted to a tiny house. It has numerous custom bespoke features and some really creative ways to use space for tiny living.
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