18 Benefits Of Beard Oil

Beard oil provides nutrients and moisture to the beards as well as to the skin beneath the beards. As such, they help improve the health, texture, and appearance of one’s facial hair.

You can purchase a commercially available beard oil or you could make your own home-made beard oil using essential oils and carrier oils.

How To Make A Home-Made Beard Oil

You could choose to make your own beard oil from a wide range of essential oils and carrier oils. You could even adjust a particular home-made beard oil recipe for better aroma or effects.

To make a home-made beard oil;

  • Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to a small bottle.
  • Then, add half an ounce of almond oil and jojoba oil, each, to the bottle.
  • Thereafter, add 4-5 drops of cedarwood oil and sandalwood oil to the bottle.
  • Seal the bottle and shake well to mix.


Below are various benefits of beard oil;

1. Beard Oil Keeps Your Face Hydrated

Beard oil is a natural moisturizer, as it is mostly made of liquid components. Thus, it’s a good provider of moisture for your skin. The next time you think about using beard oil, remember it goes beyond improving the aesthetics of your beard.

2. Beard Oil Serves As Hair Conditioner

What does a hair conditioner do? It makes your hair brighter, stronger, and more vibrant. Hair conditioner also provides your hair with more intense color. The same advantages apply to your beard oil when it’s used on your beard.

3. Beard Oil Is A Vitamin Provider

It’s widely known that beard oil often contains, within its composition, vitamin E which has beneficial properties, being a natural anti-oxidant. As such, beard oil helps in rejuvenating your beards and strengthening it as well as preventing its fall.

4. Helps Prevent Beardruff (Beard Dandruff)

Facial skin itching caused by beard dandruff, also known as beardruff, is one of the most common annoyances that men with full beards face. In some cases, it can even become unbearable. But by applying beard oil, its moisturizing effects help relieve symptoms of beardruff.

5. Helps Improve Beard Quality And Growth With Time

Using beard oil is, as everything else, a cycle; the first time you use it, your beard grows faster and steady; the second time, your beard grows in a larger amount and are brighter with more strength, and so on. Using beard oil would continue to be advantageous the more often you use it.

6. Enjoy A Bright Beard

As beard oil has the properties of a good hair conditioner, one of its benefits is the provision of bright and intense color to the hair; that’s indeed a great advantage that oil has over water and numerous other liquids. This is possible as beard oil’s oily composition covers every single hair, giving the hair a thicker, richer texture.

7. Your Beard Would Grow Faster

Beard oil stimulates the growth of beard, given that it opens the pores to let the inner hair tissue come out in a shorter period of time.

8. Beard Oil Helps You Smell Good

Most beard oils are produced with fragrances, just as if they were perfumes. By applying the beard oil to your beard, you’ll enjoy a sweet-smelling beard or even a beard with a stronger and possibly manlier smell.

9. Acne Would Be A Problem Of The Past

Acne is generated due to the presence of bacteria in the skin; facial skin is even more vulnerable to acne because it’s constantly exposed to sweat and external factors, such as dirt, the face. Beard oil helps to reduce acne outbreak, as it cleans the skin and diminishes the effects of dirt. Beard oil also helps killing bacteria due to its antibacterial properties.

10. Enjoy A Soft Skin

Due to the moisture and hydration of the skin brought about by beard oil, it helps keep your facial skin compact and soft. Beard oil also helps to clear rashes, itching and annoying scars that make it difficult to have a good texture on your facial skin.

11. Serves As A Shield

One of the direct effects of a well-oiled beard is the growth of a complete and abundant beard. This abundant beard prevents external factors from getting in contact with your skin, which helps you avoid rashes and itching. So, yes, it’s fair to state that a regularly oiled beard is a shield for your facial skin.

12. Your Skin Won’t Easily Get Broken

As previously mentioned, the beard oil helps your skin to be constantly compact and softer. Also, since beard oil prevents itching, two important causes of skin wounds/irritations are avoided: the first one is dryness, the second one the scratching that comes when you perceive itching.

13. Beard Oil Gives You Straight Hair

Forget about curly hair when your beard is beginning to grow. Is nice for men to have straight hair in their beards during the first days of growth, as it looks hygienic and eye-catching.

14. Thanks To Beard Oil, Split Ends Will End

Yes, split ends is a common problem also in beards, and this is one of the factors that normally make you feel aesthetically unpleased with your appearance once your beard has grown for several days or weeks. We understand how frustrating it could be to shave your beard after days of growth due to split ends. Using beard oil reduces the likelihood of split-ends from occurring.

15. Become A Man With Style

It’s the twenty-first century, and it seems like we’re harking back to some styles from the past. Nowadays, it’s very good looking to have a beard that reminiscences to the medieval era, thus, recreating the culture of the strong manly men. Beard oil helps you grow full beards, thus, providing you with a strong, frank, and straightforward look.

16. Shaving Won’t Be A Painful Experience

If you’re used to letting the beard grow on your face, perhaps you have experienced several times the disturbing sensation of shaving and feeling that your hairs are being pulled from your face, not to mention the rashes that follow. Well, this won’t happen if you use beard oil; beard oil softens your skin and prepares your pores for smooth removal of hair. You’ll have a good time shaving your beard if you apply beard oil on your face constantly.

17. Makes You Stand Out

A regularly oiled beard helps you attain a nice and full beard. An oiled beard is a good chance to stand out from other men especially when it comes to facial appearance.

18. Could Help Boost Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence

There is a myriad of factors that lead you to feel free and sure about yourself whenever you’re exposed to public relations. But two of the most important factors are attitude and appearance; If you believe that you’re good-looking and eye-catching, this would help improve your self-esteem. Don’t miss the opportunity of using beard oil and witnessing how your face and facial hair would be well complimented. This could help boost your self-confidence.

Word Of Caution
Strive to do a skin patch test before commencing regular use of beard oil as you may be allergic to one or more of the beard oil’s constituent. Allergic reactions to look out for include skin inflammations and itching.