12 Health Benefits Of Cissus Quadrangularis (Veld Grape)

This amazing perennial plant is part of the grape family. Cissus quadrangularis is well-known for its healing properties due to its high levels of carotenoids, vitamins, triterpenoids, and minerals.

Most people use it for weight loss or menstrual cramps. However, its gaining popularity in general medicine. It can be taken as an extract or supplement.

Cissus quadrangularis is exported from Africa and Asia to the United States. It’s believed to be a native plant of India or Sri Lanka. It’s a perennial plant with a few nicknames like Devil’s Backbone and Veldt Grape. Ancient cultures have known about the potency of this plant for centuries.

Below are various health benefits of cissus quadrangularis;

1. For Weight Loss

Cissus quadrangularis promotes weight loss when combined with a healthy diet. Plenty of exercises is suggested as well. Cissus quadrangularis regulates hormone levels, spikes the metabolism, and suppresses appetite. This makes it easier for the body to process calories and lose weight. Increased metabolism is a great benefit for people with thyroid disorders. They generally have a very hard time losing weight. Cissus quadrangularis can also help relieve postpartum depression because of it’s mood enhancing elements. Women who have just given birth also have a difficult time losing weight. This plant would accelerate that process for them and give them peace of mind.

2. For Healthy Heart

This plant has properties that lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, the good (HDL) cholesterol levels actually increase! This improvement protects the body from heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure. This would also help your endurance and sexual health as well. Cissus quadrangularis also lowers toxin levels in the blood. This makes for a healthy and happy heart. If heart issues are prevalent in a family, then taking this supplement daily can greatly reduce your genetic risk factors.

3. For Strong And Healthy Bones

Research shows that this plant increases the production of osteoblasts. These are the cells responsible for growing bones. Taking daily supplements of cissus quadrangularis would help prevent osteoporosis and other diseases of the bones. Cissus quadrangularis also helps inhibit musculoskeletal degeneration that naturally occurs with age. It’s also used to accelerate healing after fractures. Studies show that when patients take this plant as a supplement, their bones heal faster compared to those who did not take it. This tradition, of using cissus quadrangularis for improved bone health, originated from Ayurvedic culture centuries ago in ancient Asia.

4. For Dental Health

A good way to maintain good dental health is to supplement with cissus quadrangularis. It helps keep the teeth strong and healthy. The reason for this is that cissus quadrangularis is rich in calcium. More calcium equals strong and healthy teeth. Healthy teeth are more resistant to break, chip, or have cavities.

5. For Preventing And Improving Diabetes

This plant’s role in diabetes prevention is also due to its weight loss benefit. Morbid obesity is a precursor for diabetes. Losing weight would help prevent the likelihood of this illness. However, this multifaceted plant has additional health benefits for diabetics. It has the ability to naturally decrease blood sugar levels in the body by regulation. Liver damage is also reduced due to improved insulin sensitivity. This would increase a diabetics overall level of energy and sensitivity as well.

6. For Digestive Health

Multiple studies have shown that cissus quadrangularis restores the protective layer of mucus in the stomach. This can help prevent and heal ulcers. This was proven by numerous studies performed on model lab mice.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

It’s been known for generations in India and Asia that this plant is effective for joint pain. Inflammation in the joints and tendons causes discomfort. Cissus quadrangularis has natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce general inflammation. cissus quadrangularis is even used when treating hemorrhoids. It’s been noted to have a similar effect to bioflavonoids. Multiple studies have also confirmed its anti-inflammatory properties.

8. For Menstrual Cramps

One of the most common and popular uses of cissus quadrangularis is to relieve menstrual cramps. It also helps increase serotonin levels and helps regulate hormones. It helps relieve bloating and pain as well. This contributes to the major popularity it’s gained. Many women suffer needlessly every month due to menstrual cramps. This is a wonderful and natural way to ease that suffering.

9. For Mood Swings

Cissus quadrangularis is a natural treatment for mood swings. When taken as a supplement, serotonin levels are increased, and disposition would generally improve. This would also improve your relationships in your personal and professional life.

10. Immunity And Healing Responses

Vitamin C is found in high levels in this plant. This vitamin accelerates growth and repair in the body. Did you know that vitamin C is an important part of collagen? Collagen builds muscle tissues, blood vessels, arteries, and just about everything else in the body. Vitamin C also plays a crucial role in immune system response. Another name for vitamin C is ascorbic acid. One reason ascorbic acid benefits your immune system is that it stimulates the creation of white blood cells. These cells fight against infections and improve your overall health. Therefore, cissus quadrangularis can be used to accelerate healing and prevent most illnesses.

11. For Respiratory Issues

Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, cissus quadrangularis is a natural treatment that’s similar to steroids. It has no serious side effects, however. It can help treat asthma, and regular supplementation can actually help prevent asthma attacks. It’s a natural treatment for bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, and pharyngitis too.

12. For Menopause

Cissus quadrangularis eases the awful effects and symptoms of menopause. It regulates hormones, which helps with hot flashes, mood swings, and discomfort. Women over the age of fifty should supplement with this plant daily. They would sleep better, feel better, and lead happier lives.


Word Of Caution
Cissus quadrangularis does not often cause an allergic response. However, some people do experience nausea, mild headache, flatulence, most especially when they are newly exposed to the plant. Furthermore, they could be possible complications with medications an individual is already taking. As such, consult your doctor before changing your herbal supplement regime.