19 Health Benefits Of Maca Root Powder

Maca plant is closely related with radishes. Its root is formed from the hypocotyl as well as its taproot, thus, giving its root a unique inverted pear-shape look.

Maca is native to the mountainous areas of Peruvian Andes. It is also cultivated in Bolivia and some parts of Brazil. As such, a majority of the world’s supply of maca root comes from South America.

Maca comes in different varieties and can be distinguished by the color of their roots. The roots could have colors such as purple, cream, blue, gold, red, black, or green.

Below are various health benefits of maca root powder;

1. Improves Sexual Desire

Maca root gives a real libido boost to both men and women. It is considered to be one of the best natural aphrodisiacs. Lack of sex drive can be caused by numerous factors, such as fatigue, illnesses or relationship problems. If you face this kind of problem of low libido, this Peruvian plant can help you deal with your problem and have a wonderful sex life. For example, you can add maca to your everyday diet. Maca stabilizes the hormone levels in your body and produces aphrodisiac properties.

2. Lowers Stress & Anxiety

Maca can help you deal with stress and anxiety in your everyday life. It gives you mental clarity and helps you to deal with difficult situations in your life. It is a natural substance that helps your body deal with multiple stress factors in your life. For example, you may have serious problems with your marriage, at work or with friends. But maca can help you in a natural way to overcome anxiety. Maca root helps you to feel more energetic and stronger. In fact, the consumption of this Peruvian plant ensures that you feel less stress in your everyday life and that you can be stronger to overcome different problems that may occur in your life.

3. Accelerates Muscle Gain

If you are trying to build strong muscles, you can add maca to your diet in order to see amazing results in some months. When you consume maca, you don’t even have to work out every day for long hours, in order to gain stronger muscles. This is mainly because, with maca, your muscles start to develop without having to struggle for years. Of course, you need to work out on a regular basis and consume maca on a daily basis. In a few weeks, you are going to notice great results in your body.

4. Enhances Energy & Mood

When you consume maca, you feel more alive and energetic, because it provides you with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it’s a caffeine-free boost of energy for your body. You can actually feel the change in your mood within weeks. If you are struggling from lack of motivation or depression, for example, a dose of maca daily can give you great results; you would feel more awake, energetic and more positive. This is mainly because this plant is believed to prevent spikes and crashes in blood sugar and maintain adrenal health, which regulates energy and mood in your everyday life.

5. Regulates Hormone Levels

Maca is among the best natural hormonal regulators that exist today in the whole world. If you are a woman, maca can help you with your menstrual cycles, by controlling the amount of blood flow. Moreover, it relieves symptoms of premenstrual stress and as a result, it helps you to overcome these difficult days of your life.

6. Offers You Various Vitamins

The Peruvian Maca root is full of vitamins, like B1, B2, B12, C and E. Maca root is also rich in amino acids, carbohydrates, and minerals, such as magnesium and iron. This means that it is a natural super food that offers numerous vitamins to people. Just remember that maca, like ginseng, can support your body to reach its balance.

7. Offers Great Results When Applied On Skin

Applying maca topically gives you protection from the sun. It also helps your skin to stay hydrated and makes it look more healthy. So, when you consume maca, you don’t have to be concerned about skin damage and premature aging. This Peruvian root can help you deal with a number of skin problems during menopause, like hot flashes, which in certain times can get extremely uncomfortable.

8. Helps You To Be More Focused

It also supports you to focus better and it keeps your brain’s neurotransmitters from breaking down. If you have extra work to do at home or at the office, consuming this powerful root can help you deal with your tasks without feeling exhausted. It makes you have a clearer mind and as a result, you are capable to think better and make the best decisions under stressful periods in your life. If you want to be able to focus better in a certain task, it’s better to take either black or red maca for the best results. Keep in mind also that maca can increase your attention and as a result, you can achieve better cognitive function.

9. Improves The Circulation Of Blood

One of the most interesting properties of maca is that it improves blood circulation. As a result, it reduces the likelihood of anemia. The increase in blood pressure in your body is caused by fats in your body. Maca has good fats (sterols), that help to build a balanced blood pressure. For example, in case you suffer from hypertensive issues, maca root may affect, in a positive way, your blood pressure.

10. Helps Your Hair To Grow Faster & Healthier

It helps your hair to grow stronger and at the same time, it prevents hair loss. So, if you have problems with your hair, like hair loss, just try this natural root plant to improve your hair.

11. Aids You To Overcome Acne Problems

Acne is often related to hormone imbalance. Maca root is an effective home remedy for acne because it fixes hormone problems in a natural way. Though maca by itself cannot do miracles for your acne, taking it daily can be productive as a treatment for the acne.

12. Makes Your Teeth & Bones Stronger

Maca is rich in calcium and this is why this plant can improve the health of your teeth and your bone density. Even though various maca roots of various colors can help you have stronger teeth and bones, black maca is considered to be the most potent form of maca for your teeth and bones. Although you can find maca in capsules and liquid form, the best form to use in your everyday meals or beverages is the powder form.

13. Enhances Female Curves

If you are a woman and you consume maca, it can help enhance your feminine shape especially if you also exercise on a regular basis.

14. Aids You To Have A Positive Attitude In Life

As a natural superfood, maca helps boost your mood and helps you have a positive outlook on life. It helps you to overcome bad feelings and feel more grateful and happy about your life.

15. Makes You Look Younger

Using maca topically can help you have a better skin and makes your body look younger. Maca skincare products are readily available and many people use them and have seen positive effects on their skins. For example, maca powder can decrease the sensitivity of your skin and at the same time, it makes sure that your skin can tolerate various weather conditions.

16. Relieves Osteoarthritis

In case you suffer from osteoarthritis, maca is an effective remedy for your problem. Maca can help relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis. For example, taking 1,500 milligrams of maca twice daily, for two months, can help you improve function and reduce pain from osteoarthritis. Having been consumed for many years, this root has proven to be a non-harmful food source and it is a powerful ally against osteoarthritis.

17. Makes You Feel Less Fatigue

If you are facing chronic fatigue, you need to give your body all the necessary nutrients it needs in order to fuel proper hormone function. Maca root can benefit you by offering effective support to dramatically balance your hormones, thus, making you feel more energy. In fact, it acts like a super-regulator that can bring your body to its proper balance in a few months.

18. Heals Wounds & Cuts

Studies have shown that maca root can improve your blood circulation. As a result, it can help heal different cuts and wounds.

19. Maintains Your Brain Power

Maca can also help you maintain your memory, especially as you grow older and it also helps improve concentration and alertness. This is mainly because maca root has various antioxidant properties. Maca helps improve cognitive function, motor coordination, and endurance capacity.