18 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin

Olive oil is a popular natural oil due to its nutritional content and its numerous health benefits. Due to olive oil’s moisturizing, antioxidant, rejuvenating, and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a popular remedy for numerous skin issues.

There are various forms of olive oil based on the technique used to process it. Extra virgin olive oil is considered the best as it undergoes very little processing and no exposure to additives, bleaches, and chemicals.

Applying olive oil on the skin can take various forms; you can apply the olive oil directly to the skin or you could blend the olive oil with other essential oils (such as lavender oil) or other carrier oils (such as coconut oil or jojoba oil) before applying it on your skin.

Below are various benefits of olive oil for our skin;

1. Removing Wrinkles And Age Spots

Chronic inflammations and harmful free radicals can cause wrinkles and age spots on the skin. Olive oil contains polyphenolic compounds which are found in olives, which helps to reduce oxidative stress on the skin. These compounds work to neutralize the free radicals, making you feel and look young in the process. Polyphenolic compounds also help to tighten the skin as well as increasing its elasticity.

2. Boosting Skin Tone And Complexion

Regular application of olive oil helps to eliminate toxins from the body as well as stimulating their circulation. For skins struggling with uneven tone, continuous elimination of toxins assist in maintaining their complexion.

3. Works As An Antibacterial

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Since most of it is always exposed, it is highly susceptible to attacks of numerous kinds, especially of pathogens. Olive oil has natural antibacterial properties that help boost skin immunity. A continuous application will help protect your skin from quite a substantial amount of pathogens.

4. Protecting One From Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays

Detailed studies show that olive oil reduces a considerable percentage of damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays falling on a person’s skin. It does that by not only forming a protective layer on the skin but also combating oxidative stress and any cellular mutation. For those who use traditional sunblock to protect and treat the effects of sunburns, applying olive oil will give a more lasting protective and healing benefits.

5. Perfect Eye Makeup Remover

Although many prefer to leave their eye makeup on, specialists warn that it brings about breakout or inflammation. However, removing eye makeup can be a challenging task because of the rough physical contact with the skin.
Applying just small amounts of olive well helps dissolve and remove the makeup without much scrabbling. To do it correctly, use a cotton swab.

6. Works As A Moisturizer

Olive oil contains vitamins E and A, which help protect skin cells. With its ability to penetrate deep through the skin, olive oil helps keep the skin moisture balanced, making your skin glow.

7. Healing Shaving Inflammation

Most men and women suffer from inflammation in some parts of their body after shaving. Depending on the sensitivity of one’s skin, this inflammation could cause other damages to the skin. As a precaution, applying small amounts of olive oil ensures that you are protected from it. If you are already experiencing it, olive can easily soothe the discomfort, helping speed up the healing process.

8. Treating Rough Nails

If you have a problem with dull cuticles and rough nails, extra virgin olive oil is what you need to remedy them. By softly rubbing the olive oil on the cuticles and on the areas around the nails, your nails and cuticles would start getting soft and smooth gradually. Upon consistent use of the olive oil, your nails and cuticles would eventually become shiny and healthy.

9. Strengthening Skin To Prevent Hair Fall

If you are like many people struggling with weak hair, you would want to find a natural treatment with no adverse effects. Olive oil is not only natural but provides an effective treatment for hair loss. To get good results, apply warm olive oil on your hair, then wrap it with a hot towel. This would help the oil penetrate into your scalp. This process not only gives your hair deep nourishment but also makes your hair supple and healthy.

10. Cleaning Greasy Hands

Sometimes, grease can be stubborn to clear out of our hands. Many people know detergents as the only way to remove grease. However, for people whose skins are delicate or allergic to some soaps may find a hard time applying them. Mixing one teaspoon of pure olive oil with one teaspoon salt or sugar, then rubbing the mixture vigorously into the stained hands and between the fingers for a few minutes will help remove the stubborn grease.

11. Used For Skin Smoothening

This is probably the most common reason that people apply olive oil. For the avid users of olive oil, it is easy to notice their supple and healthy skin. Furthermore, olive oil helps one’s skin to feel soft and fresh, leaving it with a sweet scent. To achieve this, mix few olive oil drops with just a few drops of the lavender oil into your bathing water.

12 Removing Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells make the skin rough, making it appear dull. Olive oil helps shed away the dead cells, making your skin look fresh and lively. Just mix olive oil with few grams of sea salt. After they are completely mixed, rub softly on your skin for about ten minutes. Continue with this routine daily, and you should be able to get the desired effects in less than a week. Furthermore, to protect your skin from excess sun rays, apply olive oil after the scrub.

13. Getting Soft Lips

Although people associate olive with remedying the skin, it also softens the lips if used appropriately. To keep your lips soft and rosy, apply the oil at night before you sleep. To make it more effective, you can mix it with honey and lemon juice and use it as a lip balm. Within a few weeks of consistent use, your former chapped lips would be shiny, soft and moisturized.

14. Curing Cracked Heels

Olive oil heals cracked heels quite quickly. Although some people do not seem comfortable with it, applying warm olive oil before sleeping will have a great effect on your broken heels. The oil works overnight, and you should be expecting to see an already healing heel in the morning.

15. Making A Skin Exfoliating Scrub

Creating an exfoliating skin scrub with olive oil is easy. Just mix the oil with the right amount of sugar, until the sugar is almost soluble. For the right results, rub on the skin until the sugar granules break completely. Doing this regularly makes both your hands and legs supple and healthy.

16. Ear-Wax Remedy

In case you have a problem with ear-wax building up, olive oil would readily help remove the clog. Before sleeping, put just a few drops of olive oil in the affected ear. It would not only loosen the wax but also soften the ear skin texture.

17. As An Anti-Aging Product

Olive oil helps your skin to stop sagging as well as developing wrinkles. To achieve this, mix olive oil with sea salt and lemon juice. Then, rub the mixture on the dry, rough and scaly areas on your face. For effective results, do it daily using two tablespoonful olive oil.

18. Relieves Itching

Most people experience skin itching most parts of the day. This is usually caused by skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. Instead of turning to prescription creams and other unproven home remedies, just reach for a small amount of olive oil. Add a quarter cup of olive oil to a warm bath, and apply it directly to the irritating part. In most cases, the irritation would subside immediately. If you have a regular irritation problem, use the mixture every day continuously for 14 days. It would not only eliminate your irritations but also help you achieve soft and glowing skin.