31 Benefits And Uses Of Orange Peels

Orange peel is the tough outer skin of the orange fruit together with some part of the white pith beneath it. The orange peel is arguably the best part of the orange fruit to consume but few people know this.

The orange peel is rich in numerous nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Some of the vitamins and minerals in an orange peel includes; vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, and calcium.

There are numerous ways to include orange peels in your diet to make it more palatable than just eating it in its raw bitter form. However, ensure it is properly washed and cleaned to get rid of any potential herbicides or pesticides.

Below are various uses and benefits of orange peels;

1. Orange Peels Tea

The orange peels will give your tea an appetizing orange flavor. First, you would need to wash and chop the peels into small pieces, then, boil them in water. After they are well boiled, strain out the juice and add honey to taste. Another way of making the orange peel tea is by drying the peels and just adding them to hot water. Orange peel tea is perfect for decongestion as it contains antioxidants that help in opening up of the sinuses and getting rid of sinusitis. Orange peel tea has both refreshing values as well as lots of medicinal values for the body.

2. Great Source For Vitamin C

Orange peels are rich in vitamin C that is essential for the production of collagen in our bodies – collagen is used by the body to heal wounds. Vitamin C also helps the body to absorb iron that is contained in plant-based foods. Orange peels are also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties and help the body to increase resistance against inflammations and irritations. In case of inflammation or irritation, you can wrap freshly peeled orange peels on the inflamed area or boil the peels in water and use that water to clean up the affected area.

3. Manage Your Blood Pressure

Orange peels tea is a common herbal remedy when you want to lower blood pressure. This is because they contain a sufficient amount of potassium and anti-inflammatory hesperidin that is essential to human bodies and various blood cells to help control the rate of heartbeats as well as controlling blood pressure. Ingesting orange peels either in juice form or even eating them raw is therefore very beneficial.

4. Better Vision And Eye Health

Vitamin A, that is contained in orange peels, works in conjunction with other constituents like carotenes to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. This is because they ensure that there is a balance and a healthy mucous membrane that is needed to prevent the eyes from such cases like macular degeneration, that could lead to partial blindness.

5. Oily Skin Treatment

Oily skin can be treated by rubbing the juice from the orange peels on the skin. This is an effective way of brightening a dull or faded skin as well as clearing and refining up the pores on the skin. Doing this regularly would help reduce the oiliness on your skin and face. This method can also be used to control acne effectively and without extra costs.

6. Preservation Of Sugar

Sugar left in the open would accumulate moisture and clump together. This is especially very common with brown sugar. For you to ensure that this would not happen and preserve your sugar, what you would need to do is add orange peels to the bowl of sugar. The peels would, in turn, absorb the moisture contained in sugar and prevent the clumping together. Orange peels can also be used to get rid of moisture from electronics. For example, if you dropped your phone in water, wrapping it with slightly withered orange peels will absorb most of the water and keep your gadget from getting spoilt.

7. Alternative To Charcoal

Dried orange peels can be used to make fire instead of using charcoal. The fire produced would also come with a beautiful aroma and orange fragrances. Its flame is also much brighter than that of ordinary charcoal. Orange peels would also produce less carbon while burning compared to traditional wood charcoal and thus reduce the risk of suffocation.

Using orange peels to make fire not only helps improve the ambiance of your living room by adding brightness and the fragrance but it also helps conserve the environment. This is simply because, no trees are cut down to get orange peels, unlike charcoal or firewood.

8. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Orange peels contain polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) that are used to bring down cholesterol levels in the body. Higher cholesterol levels increase the risk of a heart attack. Orange peels offer you a more effective way to maintain a healthy heart.

9. For Weight Loss

Regular use of orange peels creates enough metabolism in the body that would, in turn, act as a perfect catalyst to burn fats that are responsible for extra body weight. These peels would help burn the calories and they are recommended by natural health practitioners to help with reducing weight. However, it is important to note that the orange peels are not a substitute for your routine work-out.

10. Reduces Anxiety

If you are someone who is always suffering from anxiety, smelling orange peels might be a herbal remedy worth considering. Research has proven that inhaling the steam from boiling orange peels has a soothing effect that helps when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

11. Protection Against Infection, Flu, Fever, And Cold

Vitamins C and A that are constituents in orange peels and they act as natural antioxidants in the fight against flu and cold-causing viruses and germs as well as boosting the immunity system of our body. It is important to note that, orange peels are richer in vitamin C than the orange itself. The ration of this vitamin C in the peels is almost twice as much as what could be found in the orange.

12. Treatment And Control Of Asthma

Orange peels have unique medicinal properties that help in the removal of phlegm; mucus that makes it hard to breathe. The clearing of the phlegm is very essential when it comes to treating asthma. Orange peels tea helps clear the mucus and clean up your breathing system.

13. Natural Air Freshener

The smell of freshly peeled oranges is very good when it comes to clearing up a stuffy room. The smell also helps keep off bad odor from garbage bins or even the toilets. You can use the peels by hanging them on a string in the bathroom for a constant supply of fresh fragrances. Throwing the dry orange peels in a burning fire would also help with freshening up the air. Other ways of freshening the air are by using the dry orange peels, mixing them up with wax to make orange scented candles.

Another way of using the orange peels as air fresheners is by boiling them together with other natural ingredients like hibiscus flowers, roses, cinnamon or even mint and use the water as an air freshener for your house.

14. Making Of Bathing Oils

For those looking for natural ways to improve their skin tone and texture, you should extract the oil from orange peels that are ideal for this. This can be done by grinding the peels and fermenting them with vodka or gin for a few days and straining the oily substance formed from the fermented product – only a few drops are enough to have a refreshing bath. This oil is also a perfect anti-inflammatory treatment.

15. DIY Mosquito Repellent

Out for camping but you forgot to carry your mosquito repellent? Worry not, grab yourself fresh orange peels and rub them on your body and you are good to go. The peels have a citrus scent which acts as a perfect mosquito repellent. This solution can also be used at home instead of buying a repellent that might react with your skin.

16. Spices, Garnish, And Zest

Orange peels can be used as spices for cooking. By grating the peels, you can add them to your dough while making cakes to give your cake an orange flavor. You can add these peels to flour while making pancakes as well to have a lovely texture, color, smell and flavor for your Saturday morning pancakes.

17. Control Hair Loss And Get Rid Of Dandruff

Dandruff can be pretty annoying and sometimes hard to get rid of. Orange peels offer an effective remedy for dandruff. All you need to do is grind the orange peels and mix them with warm water for about 12-15 hours. Use the water to wash your hair and this would help get rid of those annoying dandruff in no time while at the same time protect you from hair loss.

18. Treating Constipation And Indigestion

If your stomach is bloated, full of gas, or you are having a case of nausea/vomiting, orange peels are bound to help you. The peels have various properties that help get rid of excess gas and reduce the likelihood of constipation.

19. Car And Sea Sickness Remedy

If you are the kind of person who gets car or ocean sickness, you should chew on the orange peels before or during the trip. They would help you deal with nausea and also help you enjoy the cruise much better. Drinking orange peels tea would also help achieve the same result as it helps get rid of nausea.

20. Taking Care Of Your Bad Breath

Eating orange peels is a much better way of clearing up your breath, even more effective than chewing gum. The citric acid helps deal with bacteria that cause the bad breathe in the mouth in the long run.

21. Orange Peels Salad

Salads made with orange peels as one of the ingredients will definitely give you a kick. To make it even more appetizing, use slightly dried orange peels and add sour spices, leave it to marinate for a couple of hours before savoring it.

22. Dish Scrubbing Sponge

Slightly dried orange peels are effective as dishes and pots scrubbing tool. It could be used as a dishwashing sponge. The peels contain oils that work perfectly when it comes to degreasing kitchenware and kitchen surfaces.

23. Inhibits Development Of Cancer Cells

Orange peels have been proven to be effective in inhibiting squamous cell carcinoma (a form of dangerous skin cancer). Eating orange peels regularly would reduce the chances of an attack from lung cancer or skin cancer. If one has already been diagnosed with lung or skin cancer, eating orange peels would help in slowing the development, spread, and growth of cancer cells.

24. Beat That Alcohol Hangover

Orange peels tea is an effective way to deal with a hangover the morning after a night out full of alcohol. For this remedy, boil the orange peels and strain out the syrup. Add honey or sugar to the syrup for taste and you are good to go.

25. Anti-Fungal Control And Treatment

Rubbing fresh orange peel on the affected areas helps to inhibit the fungi or even protect from further infections.

26. Smelly Shoes And Feet?

If you are one of those people whose feet stink after wearing shoes for a short while, orange peels would sort you out big time. Take freshly peeled orange peels and put them in your shoes in the evening and leave them there overnight. The peels have citrus fragrance and antibacterial properties that would inhibit the bacteria that cause your feet to smell. Wrapping the peels on your feet with a piece of cloth before going to bed would also help with that.

27. Orange Peels Smoothie

Adding orange peels into your smoothie to get the orange flavor always works, anytime, any day. You would need to blend them with your favorite ingredients while making your smoothie. The peels would also provide you with extra vitamins A and C and other essential nutrients.

28. Bathing Powder

Grind some of your dried orange peels to make a powder This powder will be added to your bathing water to give you both the sweet aroma and a therapeutic bath. This helps clear up the skin, the lungs and decongest your respiratory system.

29. For Dealing With Different Allergies

Orange peels contain substances that would help regulate histamines in the body. Histamines are responsible for allergic reactions in the body. The peels would help inhibit these allergic reactions from exacerbating and in some cases, treat them completely.

30. Boosting Your General Immune System

Orange peels contain pectin – an agent that helps in the development of probiotics within the body, especially in the gut. Probiotics are the natural antibiotics that are produced by the body to combat ailments and diseases that attack us. Orange peels act as a catalyst to speed up the rate of development of these probiotics thus keeping us healthy and better immune to attack.

31. Quick Remedy For Headaches And Migraines

Boiling orange peels tea and inhaling the steam vapor from the boiling tea goes straight to the system and helps clear up that annoying headache as well as giving you a soothing effect.


Word Of Caution
Avoid consuming large quantities of orange peels at a time. One of the primary constituents of orange peel is synephrine which has a stimulant effect on the body. This could cause an initial burst of energy followed by a feeling of tiredness. This could manifest as a headache or vision problems. As such, take little quantities of orange peel and monitor how your body responds.