16 Benefits Of Teff Grain And Teff Flour

Teff (Eragrostis tef) is a protein-rich tiny grain that is common in cuisines eaten in Ethiopia and East African countries. In fact, teff makes up to a quarter of the cereals grown in Ethiopia. Furthermore, it is also beginning to gain popularity in North America.

Teff is most commonly used in making teff flour and bread. It is rich in dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Teff Nutritional Facts

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories 367
% Daily Value
Total Fat 2.4g
Saturated Fat 0.4g
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 12mg
Total Carbohydrates 73g
Dietary Fiber 8g
Sugars 1.8g
Protein 13g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin B6 24%
Calcium 18%
Iron 42%

Below are various health benefits of teff grain and teff flour;

1. Weight Loss

Teff grain contains copper that acts as a catalyst in the body and helps speed up the body’s metabolism by converting the food we eat into energy. The chemical process that takes place in the body makes the body burn calories within a short period to provide energy. This reduces the number of calories converted into fat for storage in the body.

Teff also contains fiber which takes longer to digest and hence one feels full quickly. Due to this, a person does not eat more foods after consuming teff flour or teff grains and this also reduces the direct intake of calories that could lead to weight gain.

2. Aids In Blood And Oxygen Circulation

Oxygen is circulated throughout the body through red blood cells that contain a component known as hemoglobin. For this to occur, the production of the red blood cells has to take place first. This process involves the breakdown of iron to produce red blood cells. Oxygen transported is important in the body as it allows the following functions to take place;

  • Helps cognitive functions take place.
  • Helps supply oxygen to unborn babies from their mothers.
  • Aids in the release of neurotransmitters and energy hormones that help reduce fatigue.

3. Relieves Menstrual Complications

Menstruation has its fair share of complications in women such as cramps, muscle pains, bloating, inflammations and fatigue. Teff contains phosphorous which helps reduce the severity of these complications by providing a natural hormonal balance in the body. It also contains copper that speeds up the process of burning foods into fuel providing the much-needed energy to keep a woman active during menstruation.

4. Promotes Growth And Development

Teff contains minerals, proteins, and even fiber that are essential in the growth and development of an individual. Proteins help repair and replace cells in the body while minerals, such as thiamine, helps extract nutrients from digested foods which helps one grow physically and also boosts the cognition.

5. Promotes The Growth Of Bones

Calcium levels in teff are quite high and due to this, it becomes the ideal meal for anyone looking to have strong teeth and bones. Calcium, in young adults, help in achieving the right bone mass while in the older generation, it helps reduce the weakening of bones that could lead to fractures if not well taken care of. The high concentration of calcium in meals consumed by pregnant mothers too can lead to healthier bone formation of the unborn child as well as even after birth through consuming breast milk.

6. Boosts Immunity

Minerals and vitamins derived from teff are very helpful in maintaining good health and they also help boost one’s immunity too. Thiamine, which is a mineral found in teff, helps in the release of hydrochloric acid which aids in the absorption of essential nutrients in the body. The nutrients absorbed help in the maintenance of proper body functioning and this reduces the risks associated with malnutrition.

7. Aids People With Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a condition that leads to the damage of small intestines when those suffering from it consumes gluten. The effects of this disease can be fatal if not detected early enough. Teff flour and teff grains do not contain gluten and this makes them safe meals for people suffering from celiac disease to consume.

8. Helps Manage Diabetic Symptoms

Controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics is quite an uphill task and the uncontrolled sugar levels can lead to fatality. Teff can control a diabetic’s symptoms. Teff’s fiber content makes it ideal for diabetics as it reduces the amount of insulin released in the blood. Diabetics require proper nutrition and teff should be included in a diabetic’s meal for better blood sugar regulation.

9. Source Of Energy

Teff grains contain high calories and proteins that can be broken down to produce energy in the body. It can also be consumed at any time of the day to bolster energy levels. It does not cause nasty crashes like other energy boosters available. This makes teff ideal even for children and the sick. ln animals, such as horses, it can also be used to provide energy too once consumed as fodder.

10. For Regular Bowel Movements

Everybody enjoys regular bowel movements. Whether consumed as grains or as flour, teff is an effective meal to ensure you get regular bowel movements. It has high fiber content and the more you take, the more your bowel movements would improve. Furthermore, the amount of toxins, especially in the intestines, are reduced and your visits to the toilet would be less stressful.

11. Increases Heart Health

Teff is packed with potassium that helps reduce the constriction of blood vessels. These vessels when constricted could lead to heart-related conditions such as heart attacks. Another important mineral found in teff is copper which reduces the occurrence of heart inflammation and other related disorders.

12. As A Source Of Low Fat Meal

Since teff can be consumed in its natural form as a grain or as flour once processed, teff is a great source of low-fat meals. It has a really low-fat concentration and this makes it an apt meal for people planning on losing weight or even those who generally avoid foods with high-fat concentration.

13. A Meal For Vegetarians

Teff can be consumed by vegetarians regularly without posing any risk to their health or even alter their nutritional balance as it has high concentrations of minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients such as iron, copper, and magnesium. These components contribute to a balanced diet for vegetarians who consume this product and other vegetarian meal.

14. Supports Energy Production

Despite being a source of energy itself, teff also helps in the production of more energy by the body. Once ingested and digested, its nutrients, such as copper, are absorbed and they are used to catalyze the energy production process in the body. The energy produced by teff itself and energy produced from copper-catalyzed reactions in the body leads to more energy for the body to use.

15. An Anti-Aging Product

Teff has a high concentration of copper which can inhibit the aging process. For best results when it comes to aging, people are always advised to consume products that contain copper as it helps maintain a natural and vibrant look on the skin and the hair.

16. An Alternative To Supplements

Lastly, tef can be consumed as an alternative to supplements as it contains numerous essential nutrients for the body. People with a nutrient deficiency may consume this product to increase the availability of missing nutrients from their body. It can also be consumed by people suffering from anemia to boost their blood count.