25 Health Benefits Of Comfrey

Comfrey (Symphytum  Spp.) is a tall, rough-leaved plant that has been known for its medicinal advantages for centuries. First identified in Europe, comfrey has reached every corner of the world due to the healing powers that it possesses. Growing of this plant is relatively easy in full or partial sunlight. Comfrey’s flowers could take up a range of colors such as purple, white, and pale yellow.

Comfrey is a combination of various phytochemicals (such as allantoin, tannins, saponins, inulin), proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals. Hence, the intake of this plant can treat numerous diseases and boost the health of an individual. For years, people have been applying this plant externally in the form of powder or oil as well as drinking it in the form of tea.

It’s preferable to use the herb topically instead of consuming it. However, this herb has potent benefits any way you use it.

Below are various health benefits of comfrey;

1. Fix Bones

Comfrey has been used for centuries far back as 400 BC for healing broken bones. It is also known as “Knitbone” for the same reason. Comfrey application speeds up the healing process because of the numerous organic compounds present in it. Comfrey has also proven to be useful in reducing pain and hasten healing in bent bones as well as fixing torn ligaments.

2. Laryngitis

Laryngitis is a condition where the voice box in the mouth is inflamed in an individual. Causes of this condition can be overuse, irritation or infection and this results in pain while talking. Comfrey acts as an astringent when consumed internally. This helps to heal the inflamed voice box.

3. Bronchitis

A condition in which bronchial tubes are inflamed is called Bronchitis. If a cough has lasted for more than 3 weeks and there is bleeding as well as fever; then; most probably, the person is suffering from bronchitis. Causes of this condition can be smoking or prolonged cold. Cure of this is very difficult from antibiotics as antibiotics do not kill the virus. Comfrey has been a very useful medication in this as they have expectorant properties that help to treat/relieve this condition.

4. Bone Growth

Comfrey is known for helping the growth of bones in individuals. It consists of calcium in high quantities which is a major factor in bone growth. The organic compounds, present in comfrey, also facilitate the growth of bone minerals and help the body to utilize these minerals efficiently. This would help individuals of all ages but proves to be of high importance in the growth of infants and children.

5. Psoriasis

Many individuals face the issue of psoriasis where skin cells build up to form scales. These scales are itchy and dry in nature, hence, could cause irritation for individuals affected. Application of comfrey oil has been beneficial in treating this condition. Comfrey consists of allantoin chemical which stimulates the regeneration of cells as well as the treatment of the condition.

6. Controls Hair Loss

Due to an increase in pollution and eating habits, individuals are facing an increased hair loss problem. Hair loss also degrades the confidence in oneself and hence, can be a reason of stress too. Phytochemicals, such as allantoin and inulin, found in comfrey along with antioxidants help in reducing hair loss as well as regenerating new hair.

7. Acne

Hair follicles could interact with oil and dead skins to form acne. Blackheads, bumps, and pimples are types of acne. Some acne could be painful and could cause scarring. However, acne is curable. The anti-inflammatory property of comfrey helps to reduce the pain and heal the acne. Comfrey can be directly applied as an ointment or can be consumed as a tea.

8. Builds Strength Of Body

Comfrey consists of Vitamin C and proteins which help to boost the overall immunity. Vitamin C is required for proper growth and repair of tissues in various parts of the body. Comfrey is internally used by the body to produce protein which is then used to build skin, ligaments, etc.

Protein is required for building the structure of tissues and organs. Hence, the intake of comfrey in any form helps to build the strength of the body.

9. Curbs Appetite

With the intake of unhealthy foods, more people are getting obese. However, with recent awareness; people have started to exercise regularly and cut down their food consumption to maintain diet. Comfrey can prove to be very helpful as it helps in curbing appetite so that individuals do not feel the need to eat again and again. The chemical, inulin, found in comfrey helps to achieve as it is an appetite suppressant.

10. Lowers Cholesterol

Comfrey helps lower the body’s cholesterol levels because of the presence of saponins in comfrey. These saponins bind themselves to the cholesterol and leave the body in the form of waste. This helps to regulate as well as lower cholesterol level in the body.

11. Prevents Skin Cancer

The skin is considered the largest organ but is continuously exposed to sun, pollution, harmful chemicals in the air, etc. This exposure may lead to skin cancer for some individuals because of the radiations and toxins around us. Some researches suggest that the presence of certain antioxidants in comfrey makes it capable of preventing skin cancer.

12. Arthritis

Inflammation in joints is referred to as arthritis. Individuals with arthritis feel tremendous pain and their joints tend to get stiff. The anti-inflammatory property of comfrey provides relief from the pain and comfrey’s proteins tend to treat the cartilage. Hence, comfrey can be an effective herbal remedy for arthritis.

13. Removes Dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair problem that affects both young and old. Various shampoos and conditioners are available in the market for treating dandruff. However, comfrey tends to be as effective as these shampoos and conditioners. Comfrey consists of various phytochemicals that help in the removal of dandruff. You could add comfrey oil to your regular shampoo for effective anti-dandruff treatment.

14. Removes Tangles

Hair forms tangles when the cuticle of the hair is damaged and opens. Comfrey has a unique ingredient named Mucilage. This ingredient, due to its viscous nature, removes the tangles as well as provide a smoothening to the hair.

15. For Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is when your hair is brittle and falls off when you roll your hand through your hair. There are several causes of this which include using heated styling tools as well as hair coloring and dying. All the effects of using chemical dyes are known to almost everyone and hence, usage of natural dyes is recommended. Using Comfrey, in these dyes, would enrich the hair with essential nutrients and improve the quality of hair. This would, in turn, reduce the hair breakage.

16. For Menstrual Pain

Menstrual periods can be a painful event for many women as the uterus contracts to help expel its lining and prostaglandins are built in this process. Intake of comfrey helps provide women with gradual relief from pain because of the anti-inflammatory properties of comfrey.

17. Treats Cavities

As a person ages, cavities may develop in the dental area due to eating and drinking habits as well as poor oral hygiene. Deep cavities can be painful for any individual but small cavities also cause problems like increased stuck food or difficulty in eating hard food. Comfrey root has the potential to treat cavities and as well as help in the regeneration of teeth. Both dried and fresh comfrey root helps in this treatment.

18. Smoothens Hair

Many of the organic compounds found in comfrey help in providing natural conditioning to the hair. Furthermore, comfrey’s anti-inflammatory property helps relieve stress and provides a relaxing feeling to the individual.

19. Reduces Wrinkles

Several aging signs start showing up as we reach the age of 30. Common signs seen on face are wrinkles, patchy skin, and sagging skin. Comfrey can help to reduce these signs and also repair the tissues on the skin; resulting in skin like those of youngsters. This is possible because of the phytochemicals and antioxidants present in comfrey.

20. Cures Rash

Rashes can be caused due to numerous reasons like infections, being in contact with someone who already has it, medications, etc. The occurrence of rashes are quite common but children are more susceptible especially as they use products like diapers and hence could get affected a lot. Rashes cause itching as well as irritation. Application of comfrey on the affected area could relieve the person from itching as well as cure the rashes.

21. Heals Injuries

Injuries caused by accidents, exercising incorrectly, etc. can be easily cured with the application of comfrey. Comfrey is known for its healing properties as it contains vitamin C and proteins.

22. Improves Immunity

Individuals often get ill because of the various harmful micro-organisms entering our system. Comfrey consists of a chemical called saponins which help the immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria. They also kill the fungal cells so that individual is safeguarded from yeast and other digestive infections.

23. Reduces Throat Problems

Due to climatic changes, many people face numerous throat problems like cold & cough, swelling, bronchitis, rhinorrhea, etc. People try out several homemade remedies to get relief from these ailments as antibiotics are proving to be less effective. Usage of comfrey has proven beneficial as it resulted in effective relief of the above problems. Comfrey has been effective because of its numerous potent phytochemicals.

24. Gum Bleeding

Gums bleed primarily because of the poor health of the mouth. It sometimes even gives a bad odor. With the application of comfrey, as an ointment, or intake as tea; the bleeding of gums can be inhibited.

25. Improves Gut Health

Comfrey consists of a chemical, called inulin, which helps in improving gut health. It helps to stimulate the microbiota in the intestine which decreases the likelihood of yeast or parasites thereby reducing the trigger of inflammation. This enhances the capability of the intestine to digest the food. Hence, digestive issues like constipation and stomach cramps would be prevented.


Word Of Caution
Consult your physician before taking comfrey as it contains a high concentration of certain alkaloids that could affect the liver. Preferably, comfrey should be used topically as opposed to being consumed.