12 Health Benefits Of Ear Candling

Ear candling, also known as ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is the act of using hollow candles to cleanse the ear of accumulated ear wax or toxins, thus, achieving a number of health benefits. There is numerous anecdotal evidence of the beneficial effects of ear candling.

Ear candling has been used by various cultures to provide relief from various disorders especially disorders around the ears. However, the efficacy of ear candling has been a thing of dispute over the years.

Numerous concerns arise in terms of the safe procedure of ear candling as the hollow candle is placed close to the face and, as such, could raise some potential dangers. However, a method to protect the face is to use a paper plate or pie tin to protect the face from falling ash.

Below are various health benefits of ear candling;

1. Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus is a condition where a person feels a ringing sensation in the ear. If there is excessive earwax in your auditory canal, You are likely to suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus can as well be a result of fluid trapped in the ear. Ear candling would help you by drying the fluid up, thus, clearing the ear. Moreover, trapped air is another cause of tinnitus. Ear candling can be used to suck out the air in the ear. In the case where nerve damage is the cause of tinnitus, ear candles are used to clear up nerve endings and foster healing of the damaged nerves.

2. Good Balance And Equilibrium Rejuvenation

The inner ear is made up of the vestibular system and the cochlea. The vestibular system is responsible for balance. If the inner ear is infected or damaged then you are likely to lose balance or feel dizzy. Regular candling can help you have good balance.

3. Migraines And Headaches

Migraines and headaches are sometimes a result of blocked ears. Also, pressure buildup within the ear can cause migraines. Ear candling is a suitable solution in curing migraines in such cases. Moreover, ear candling is considered a home remedy used to relieve sinus pressure which causes painful sinus headaches. It drains the sinus and allows it to flow freely. This relieves pressure in the ear.

4. Improve Color Perception And Taste

Human senses are connected. If your ears are clogged with wax, your perception of colors could be impaired. Using ear candling would improve and make your eyesight re perceptible to different colors. Similarly, if ear candling is properly done, the nerves on the taste buds would work more effectively. This would result in an improved taste.

5. Ear Infections

People who regularly suffer from ear infections can have candling done on the infected ear. Candling relieves pain. Additionally, it reduces itching in the infected area. Ear infections may cause the ear wax to solidify. If the ear wax is solid, candling would soften it up and it would help the ear expunge more wax. This is healthy and reduces the chances of getting an ear infection.

6. Swimmer’s Ear / Glue Ear

When water is trapped in your ears, it can result in a painful skin infection known as an outer ear infection. Nonetheless, swimmer’s ear can happen due to other causes such as chemical irritation, infected hair follicles, and eczema. Ear candling comes in handy in drying the moisture trapped in the auditory canal.

7. Open Up Plugged Ears

Excess wax causes a temporary loss of hearing. Additionally, it may become uncomfortable and may provide a breeding ground for harmful pathogens. Through candling, you can remove the glue-like wax stuck in your inner ear. Afterward, your ears won’t feel plugged and your hearing senses would be operating at a top-notch performance.

8. Remove Parasites Growing In Ears

Parasites can sometimes find a home in the inner ear. They can hide and live in the ear wax. Candling creates a vacuum in the inner ear. This draws out excess earwax and any parasites in the wax.

9. Fungus Removal

Candida yeast infection could manifest as a condition where the inner ear has mold. This is a fungal infection which could affect the external auditory canal known as otomycosis. Fungi can block the ear canal causing temporary hearing loss. Candling is a suitable procedure used to remove fungus and mold present in the ear.

10. Improve Lymphatic Flow

The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems in the human body. It is responsible for converting blood into the lymphatic fluid so that it can move from one cell to another. The lymph nodes behind the ears work suboptimally when you fall sick. Ear candling is a remedy which stimulates the lymphatic nodes behind the ears to increase lymphatic drainage. It also detoxifies the lymphatic system.

11. Relief From Vertigo

Vertigo is a disease that could be caused by damage to the inner ear. It causes dizziness with a whirly motion feeling. Regular candling procedure would keep you healthy and safe from getting Vertigo.

12. Improve Hearing

Sometimes the loss of hearing happens due to a blockage in the auditory meatus. If earwax is not regularly cleared out, it accumulates and at times solidifies. Using ear candling procedure helps melt down the solidified wax and draw it out.

Note Of Caution
Despite the numerous benefits of ear candling, some side effects, especially if not properly done, include; damage to the eardrum and accidental burns. In worst case scenarios, it could lead to hearing loss.