33 Health Benefits Of Taurine

Taurine is an organic compound found in animal tissues as well as in numerous human organs such as the large intestine.  Taurine plays a role in numerous body processes such as processes that occur in the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Taurine is not technically an amino acid. However, it is an acid which possesses an amino group. As such it is often categorized as a non-essential amino acid.

Taurine is required by numerous body parts, such as the eyes, brain, liver, kidney, heart, and muscle tissues for proper functioning. An adequate amount of taurine is readily consumed from a typical diet. However, people with diabetes or heart issues could opt for additional supplementation.

Dietary sources of taurine include fish, dairy products, and meat. Furthermore, consuming plant protein sources such as quinoa, soy, and buckwheat can provide your body with amino acids in which the body can synthesize taurine from.

Below are various health benefits of taurine;

1. Better Liver Function

Taurine is effective at improving liver function. According to a study, it can prove beneficial for people suffering from hepatitis. Taurine works by protecting the liver against damage from oxidation. And it improves the performance of this vital organ in removing toxic substances from the body. Another thing taurine does that can’t be overlooked is the prevention of accumulation of fat in the liver. Taurine is capable of countering the adverse effects that alcohol has on the liver. Hence, it prevents the buildup of plaque in the liver.

2. Nerve And Muscle Systems

Another health benefit of Taurine is that it helps in the wellbeing of the nerve as well as muscle systems on our bodies. Furthermore, it goes a long way in keeping the brain healthy too. Thanks to the fact that it is an amino acid, taurine can move magnesium and potassium, which are crucial to brain function. And considering that the brain is at the heart of the nervous system, keeping it healthy is of utmost importance.

3. Protection Of The Lungs

Taurine also proves effective in protecting the lungs from damage that could result from exposure to harmful toxins. These could include cigarette smoke and other such air pollutants. In model experiments using rats, taurine has shown that it can help inhibit critical levels of oxidant-induced lung injury, which can be severe for lung health.

4. Brain Protection

Another remarkable benefit of taurine is the protection it offers to our brain by preventing oxidation, which could otherwise damage neurotransmitters. Moreover, as one of the primary amino acids in the brain, it stimulates neurotransmitters, thus, improving both excitatory and inhibitory effects as well as enhance communication amongst neural cells.

5. Benefits For The Eyes

Taurine proves crucial at this one, protecting our eyes, and further reducing oxidative damage. This could be a serious issue when your eyes are exposed to the sun for long hours. Another thing taurine helps with is the prevention of loss of vision due to aging of the eyes.

Extended intake of taurine leads to its accumulation in the retina. Deficiency in taurine can result in several eye problems like cell degeneration on the retina ganglion. As such, strive to stay clear of several medicines that can minimize taurine’s performance in the eyes. These include Vigabatrin (Sabril), Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) and Busulfan (Bulsufex).

6. Enhancing Bone Health

Bone cells contain taurine naturally. But scientists are yet to identify the particular function of the supplement in the bones. Nevertheless, taurine is thought to help boost bone formation and balance (homeostasis). Results from taurine tests performed on rats show that it was capable of enhancing bone mineral density, which can boost the health of the bones and protect it from fractures.

7. Treating Autism

Taurine also seems to come in quite handy in the treatment of autism, a condition associated with an increase in perinatal stress in the brain and nervous system. With its antioxidant capabilities, taurine has thus proven effective in treating this condition, especially in children.

8. Heart Benefits

Taurine has numerous benefits for the heart. First, it helps prevent atherosclerosis, which is the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. Furthermore, taurine prevents inflammation in the heart, which could easily result from coronary artery disease. Finally, taurine counters the risk of hypertension as well as high blood pressure.

9. Boosts Athletes’ Performance

A recent study in Australia has shown that taurine can stimulate the body capacity of an athlete during exercise. As such, athletes are capable of performing better during practice without fatigue setting in quickly.

10. For The Ears

Taurine is beneficial for virtually any part of our body, and the ears are no exception. Ear cells require a constant flow of calcium to perform at their best. Taurine comes in to control this flow in and out of the cells that control our hearing, hence preventing hearing loss and related problems.

11. Treatment Of Alzheimer and ADHD

Alzheimer’s disease is usually related to the high level of excitation in the neurons from the excitatory neurotransmitter called glutamate. This is where taurine comes into play, blocking some of the excitatory signals in the brain due to this condition. It all comes down to the GABA-like action that taurine can take on to slow down the nervous system. FOr the symptoms of ADHD, taurine’s anti-inflammatory effects prove effective in reducing ADHD-related behaviors like hyperactivity. But apart from treating anxiety, there’s not much information on the effects of taurine on ADHD patients, especially kids.

12. Enhances Absorption Of Vitamins

Taurine also plays a crucial role when it comes to maintaining fat metabolism in the body. It also helps with absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It also helps to strengthen heart muscles, hence preventing heart failure and anemia.

13. Reduction Of Symptoms Of Obesity

Obesity results from the accumulation of fat in different sections of the body. In most cases, this will end up in an inevitable cardiovascular problem especially due to lack of the ability for the blood to flow freely. Taurine helps to alleviate the symptoms as it reduces the level of lipid in the blood. Eventually, the low lipid level helps keep the risk of cardiovascular attack to a minimum.

14. Fighting Epilepsy

Taurine can help increase and regulate the GABA activity in the brain. As a result, it can calm the brain and the nervous system in epileptic patients. Taurine has proven effective in reducing seizures in patients with intractable epilepsy after they received a certain dose of the supplement over a fortnight.

15. Prevention Of Tissue Damage

Thanks to the antioxidant properties of taurine, it helps inhibit the effects of harmful free radicals in the body. Furthermore, in several ways, taurine proves capable of inhibiting oxidant inflammation. As a result, our bodies are more capable of resisting tissue damage and cell death.

16. Treating Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is considered a genetic condition. Primarily, the disease could be severe and could affect several organs of the body such as the pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and intestines. It is usually noticeable by fatty stools, which is a leading symptom of the condition. If you want to inhibit this condition, you can always consider using taurine supplements, which helps in enhancing fat absorption in the body.

17. Reducing Inflammation

In carrying out its antioxidant duty, taurine ends up as a compound down the road. These are taurine chloramines, also known as TauCl, and taurine bromine, known as TauBr. Both of these have anti-inflammatory properties. As such, taurine comes in handy as a preventive measure for acute inflammation. These acute inflammations can result from irritants, infection, and damage to cells or cancer. But so far, the role that taurine plays in the progression of inflammatory diseases like arthritis is yet to be clear. Nevertheless, what is apparent is that reduced TauCl in the body can lead to severe joint damage resulting from inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

18. Fighting Cancer

Another thing that taurine performs best at is turning taurolidine into taurine. This is a derivative of the supplement in the body and has proven to be useful in cancer survivors among animal models in which it has been tested. Moreover, taurolidine can inhibit colorectal cancer from developing. It should be noted that cancer patients have an already dwindled taurine levels. And while most people go for chemotherapy and surgery, both could further drop the levels taurine in the body. Therefore, an adjunct approach could be going for taurine supplements instead.

19. Treatment Of Muscle Disorders

Taurine supplements help reduce the clinical effects that myotonia can have on your bones. Myotonia is a condition resulting from extended contraction in the muscle tissues. Taurine plays a vital role in keeping cells stable and reducing overexcitement in these cells.

In a trial done on 9 myotonia patients, the supplement showed, after six months, impressive performance with significant improvement in the clinical symptoms of the condition. Besides, taking taurine supplements can help boost its levels and effects, since it can drop due to aging and reduced use of muscles over a particular period.

20. Keeping Stroke At Bay

Stroke usually results from oxygen deficiency in the body as blood flow to your brain declines. Taurine, on the other end, triggers brain cells to grow. The use of taurine supplement can help restore lost brain cells and inhibit the effects of stroke, especially after one has suffered from a stroke. This can help prevent further damage to the brain neurons.

21. Taurine Also Enhances Longevity

Another benefit that taurine has shown is the longevity it offers to people who consume it at significant levels. Primarily, this taurine characteristic has been attributed to the supplement’s capability to reduce the risk of heart disease, which is a severe health menace for many.

22. Treating Diabetes

In diabetic people, taurine is usually low as diabetes reduces the body’s ability to absorb taurine. This leads to an increased risk of damage by oxidation. The oxidation that this condition comes with can cause damage to the kidney, heart, and nerves among others. The use of taurine can thus prove crucial in inhibiting the effects of diabetes on the patients.

23. Inhibiting Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

Another benefit that taurine helps with is to relieve symptoms associated with CHF, a condition in which the heart becomes less capable of pumping blood to all parts of the body. Research has shown that CHF patients taking taurine thrice in a day for a fortnight recorded an improvement in physical activity. Although the reason behind this performance of the supplement is yet to be known, it can enhance the performance of the heart’s left ventricle.

24. Protecting The Kidneys

According to studies done on several animals, taurine can protect the kidney from dangerous oxidation and interruptions to the internal blood supply. As such, taurine can be handy in safeguarding the organ from oxidative damage. Besides, taurine can help inhibit stress to the cells due to cell volume fluctuations.

25. Reduction In Anxiety

According to tests done on rats, taurine has shown signs of anti-anxiety effects. This shows the supplement can be used to treat anxiety. Primarily, taurine works to alleviate stress by reducing neurotransmitter GABA in the human brain, hence, decreasing anxiety level.

25. Reducing Depression

According to a study done on rats, taurine has shown that it can help reduce symptoms of depression through a change in the brain’s hippocampus activity. Furthermore, taurine also turns out to be helpful in preventing symptoms of anxiety and depression in the wake of exposure to stress. This has been attributed to taurine’s prevention of axis dysfunction in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal, also called HPA. The other crucial activity is taurine’s ability to inhibit reduction in the 5-hydroxytryptamine, noradrenaline, and dopamine. Moreover, it can inhibit the increase of glutamate and corticosterone.

27. Cholesterol Reduction

One of the leading benefits of Taurine is the reduction of cholesterol level, and the supplement is quite potent in this one. High cholesterol levels are considered as a cardiovascular disease symptom,  and taurine comes in handy in eliminating the substance from the bile. As such, taurine helps in reducing Low-Density Lipoproteins, also known as LDL. And that’s not all; taurine can further fight blood pressure in adults and has proven beneficial as a bipolar depression treatment.

28. Prevention Of Hyperthyroidism

Taurine has turned out to be relevant in thyroid function. People suffering from hyperthyroid have been shown to have low levels of taurine. And when used on rats, taurine has shown its potential to prevent oxidative stress resulting from hyperthyroidism.

29. Better Muscle Strength

Taurine further helps keep our muscles robust and resilient to perform for a longer duration. It can increase the contractibility of muscular tissue in the heart as well as the joints. Therefore, taurine helps to improve exercise performance. Further, it enhances the removal of lactic acid from the body, offering the ability to keep exercising for longer.

30. Easier Alcohol Withdrawal

Taurine has further proven to be useful for individuals withdrawing from the use of alcohol. This benefit of taurine is mostly said to result from its ability to inhibit brain and nervous system actions. On the field, it has shown to help a number of psychotic episodes among the people trying to withdraw from alcohol.

31. Skin Protection

Another part that taurine has proven helpful in is the skin. First, taurine has demonstrated that it can prevent drying of the skin that usually results from detergents. In trials, it helped avoid drying of the skin and scaling. And this is all thanks to taurine’s ability to reduce inflammation and toxicity in the skill cells. Taurine has been tested on mice and shown effective performance in helping with the healing of wounds through improvement in cell strength.

32. Benefits Of Taurine In Different Genders

ln males, besides having numerous general benefits, taurine further displays rather specific benefits to males and females. The supplement has been known to help with the reproductive system of males. One of the things the supplement proves useful in is enhanced motion and survival of sperms in tests carried out on rats. Furthermore, it turns out taurine can play a significant role as an antioxidant in the testicles, hence, improving sperm quality. Also, taurine further offers reliable protection on sperm cells, thanks to its ability to control cell volume. In females, taurine is also significant in females too, and usually available in ample supplies in the female reproductive system. Its presence helps with the protection of gametes as well as the growth of embryos in the uterus, keeping any risk of oxidative damage at a minimum.

33. Better Learning

Taurine offers improvement in learning and retention. Thanks to its ability to imitate GABA, taurine can enhance learning in aged individuals, whose brain is less efficient to this neurotransmitter. The supplement can thus reverse such effects. It has been proven to do just that in aged mice, improving memory formation and retention alike. On the young mice, it has also proven essential for improved learning and retention alike.