How To Make Dandelion Wine

Dandelions are herbal weeds that grow pretty much everywhere. There are pretty versatile as you can eat them, make tinctures with them, make tea with them, and also make wine with them.

Dandelion wine is probably the best tasting wine you could make from home.


Below are frequently asked questions about dandelion wine;

What does dandelion wine taste like?

For example, if the dandelion wine tastes sweet then it was made with just the petals. If the dandelion wine has a more tang tinge to it, then they probably used the whole flower to balance out the sweetness. Generally, dandelion wine tastes warm and earthy. Sometimes compared to white wine.

How is dandelion wine made?

Dandelion wine is often made using a cold infusion, which means that the sugar syrup goes in cold, and more of the floral flavor of the dandelions is preserved in the final wine.

Should dandelion wine be chilled?

Serve chilled. It tastes similar to mead, has overtones of honey and the smell of dandelions. If you don’t have the patience for Dandelion Wine, try a Dandelion Shrub. Dandelion Shrub only takes a week and mixes beautifully with sparkling wine or gin.

Can you ferment dandelions?

Yes, you can. Dissolve salt in water and pour over the dandelion buds in a wide mouth mason jar. Seal with a mason jar fermentation kit and ferment at room temperature for 7 to 10 days. Test them at this point, and if you’d like them more pickled, continue the fermentation for a few more days.

What does dandelion do to your body?

In traditional Chinese and Native American medicine, dandelion root has long been used to treat stomach and liver conditions. Herbalists today believe that it can aid in the treatment of many ailments, including acne, eczema, high cholesterol, heartburn, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, and even cancer.

What is the side effect of dandelion?

Taking dandelion by mouth might cause allergic reactions, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, or heartburn in some people.

Can homemade wine be poisonous?

Making homemade wine isn’t dangerous in the life-or-death sense, unlike making moonshine, where a mistake can cause blindness. The wine-making process creates an environment inhospitable to bacteria that could cause sickness.

Does dandelion wine have alcohol?

Dandelion wine typically has a moderate alcohol content and is made by combining the petals with sugar, some kind of acid, like lemon juice, and other winemaking chemicals. There are dozens of ways to make dandelion wine, but a good rule of thumb is to collect one gallon of flowers per gallon of wine you want to make.

How do you use dandelion flowers?

Use the entire plant, along with other wild “weeds” to bring inexhaustible energy into your life. Dandelion flowers have their specific uses too. Add them to cakes, make a nourishing tea, brew some dandelion wine, there is so much to do!

Is Dandelion good for kidneys?

Dandelion leaves act as a diuretic, increasing the amount of urine your body makes. The leaves are used to stimulate the appetite and help digestion. Dandelion flower has antioxidant properties. Herbalists use dandelion root to detoxify the liver and gallbladder, and dandelion leaves to help kidney function.

Does dandelion tea make you sleepy?

While dandelion is not traditionally known as a sleep-inducing food, we have found using the liver-cleansing properties of dandelion to be a valuable aid in helping sleep. A healthy liver will balance blood sugar. Blood sugar fluctuations and drops are a major factor in insomnia and waking at night.

How long before you can drink homemade wine?

How Long Does it Take to Make Wine at Home? 2 months is the minimum time taken from start to finish until you can drink your homemade wine. However, most, if not all winemakers will highly advise against drinking your wine after just 2 months. The longer you let your wine age the better the taste will be.

How strong can homemade wine get?

Most wine contains from 10 to 12 percent alcohol and that is what you’ll get when you use a wine kit. However fermented alcoholic beverages can reach a maximum of about 20 percent alcohol by volume (and that is with some difficulty). Alcohol is made by converting sugar into alcohol.

Can you eat a dandelion?

Everything, from the flower all the way down to the roots, is edible. And, dandelions also happen to be delicious. The taste of dandelion resembles a slightly bitter green like arugula. You can eat them fresh in salads, or cook them on the stove.

Can wine ferment too long?

Generally speaking, wine can’t ferment for too long. The worse that can happen is a “miscommunication” between the sugar and the yeast due to either using the wrong type of yeast or fermenting under the wrong temperature. Even if this happens, you can still salvage most if not all wines.

Are dandelion flowers poisonous?

In general, dandelion is not toxic when taken in therapeutic amounts. However, we should consider that dandelion leaves, which can be eaten as a vegetable, are rich in oxalates. So, taken in large quantity, can cause damage to the body. Poisoning has also been reported in children from eating dandelion stems.



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