9 Benefits Of Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea)

Longjing tea, also known as “dragon well tea“, is a variety of green tea that is pan-roasted using large pans or woks. The process typically involves roasting the tea leaves after cultivation in order to halt the oxidation process.

Due to the inhibition of the oxidation process, Longjing tea is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and catechins. Longjing tea also has a high level of caffeine but also has other constituents that soothe the body simultaneously.

There are various varieties of this tea including; Xi Hu Longjing tea, Shi Feng Longjing tea, and Mei Jia Wu Longjing tea.

Below are various health benefits of Longjing tea;

1. Prevention Of Cancer And Tumors

Longjing tea is enriched with polyphenols, which are believed to prevent and even lower the progression of different types of cancer.

This tea also reduces fat build up which is associated with the development of tumors which eventually lead to cancer.

The different types of cancers that could be prevented using this tea include lung cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, Coronal-renal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer.

In most cases, the tea may inhibit the cell growth that leads to cancer.

2. Aids In Weight Loss

Obesity and overweight is currently a global epidemic. This condition has been greatly associated with many health complications such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.

Due to the caffeine and catechin content in the dragon tea, the tea is known to help reduce weight by burning the extra calories in your body.

If used together with exercise and a healthy diet, the tea can help greatly with weight loss leaving you healthier and feeling great about your weight.

3. Dental Health Benefits

Dental problems such as tooth decay, plaque formation and halitosis (bad breath) are associated with a bacterial infection in the mouth.

With the Longjing tea, these dental problems would be limited since this tea contains fluorides and minerals that can be used to fight these conditions. Longjing tea inhibits bacteria in the mouth keeping your mouth fresh always.

The tea also contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce gingival inflammation which is most evident in the denture wearers.

It is advisable to take small amounts of the unsweetened tea after meals to help provide good breath which leaves you feeling fresh and confident all day.

4. Longjing Tea For A Beautiful Skin

This tea is very beneficial for the skin. These benefits include;

  • Inhibits aging: This is achieved by the availability of the antioxidants which helps fights harmful free radicals thus slowing the aging process. Longjing tea also helps reduce wrinkles, finish lines and age spots.
  • Promotes the complexion of the skin (skin whitening): Which is achieved by removing toxin in your body and inflammation reduction which leaves your skin brighter.
  • Prevents acne: Since it has antibacterial properties, Longjing tea can reduce the risks of acne on the skin.
  • Used to treat sunburns: It protects the skin from damage by creating a protective layer that helps prevent sunburns and dullness.
  • Helps to hydrate and refresh the skin.

5. Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

The Dragon well tea contains antioxidants which prevent coronary artery disease, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and stroke. This is done by the antitoxins ability to cleanse the body which in turn strengthens the circulatory system thus unblocking the blood vessels.

The availability of polyphenols in the tea helps regulate the cholesterol levels in the body and lower your blood pressure. As a result, possible heart risks are greatly reduced.

6. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Longjing tea contains the amino acid, L-Theanine, a sedative which helps to counter the stimulant effects of both tea and caffeine. It is then responsible for calming the mind to make you feel more alert and relaxed, thus increasing your levels of concentration.

This relaxing effect results in better sleep which keeps your body and mind healthy.

This tea also gives you the energy to run your day smoothly with no stress and feeling of tiredness.

In mature women, the tea also helps to reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as abdominal pain, headaches, depression, and irritability.

7. Diabetes

The Longjing tea contains antioxidants and catechins, these two products help in the normal release of insulin and glucose. This helps deal with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in diabetic patients and also reduces the occurrence of the disease to those who regularly take the tea.

8. Liver Disease

Liver problems that arise as a result of alcohol consumption can be curtailed with dragon well tea daily consumption.

Studies carried out also showed catechins role in preventing liver tumors and viral hepatitis.

9. Aids In Digestion And Strengthens The Immune System

Due to the tea’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is able to reduce your stomach disorders and normalize bowel movements. This helps prevent stomach disorders such as constipation and diarrhea.

Due to the presence of the catechins, antioxidants, dragon well tea is also known to contain useful substances such as amino acids and vitamin c which helps keep the body healthy and well-immuned at all time. This helps keep infections, bacteria, and viruses away thus reducing the risks of diseases.


Word Of Caution
Though the tea is beneficial to the body, pregnant mothers are discouraged against its use due to its caffeine content.