Top 17 Tiny House Blogs and Websites That Would Inspire You

These are 17 tiny house blogs and websites that have been providing incredible value, over the years, in the form of tiny house build, tiny house plan designs and general inspiration for the tiny house movement/community.

1. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is the biggest brand name in the tiny house community. Their unique tiny house builds, designs and DIY features have become very popular in the tiny house community.
tiny house

2. Tiny House Talk

Tiny House Talk is managed by Alex Pino. This blog is loaded with a lot of valuable articles and photo-blog of tiny houses that can give you tiny house plan ideas, room ideas or interior decor ideas. Alex is also a down-to-earth person from the little communication i have had with him.
tiny house

3. Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings is a major platform for tiny house buyers and sellers. THL is managed by Steve Harrell.
tiny house

4. Tiny House Blog

This is a tiny house blog that has been a huge advocate of the tiny house movement for a very long time. Tiny House Blog also has a massive following on Pinterest (34,000+), Instagram (157,000+) and Facebook (255,000+).

5. Tiny House Swoon

Tiny House Swoon, also managed by Steve Harrell of Tiny House Listings, is a collection of the interior and exterior of eye-candy tiny houses that serve as inspiration for the tiny house movement.
tiny house

6. Tiny House Town

Similar to Tiny House Swoon, Tiny House Town is a collection of beautiful tiny houses and recent tiny house builds from tiny house builders. Tiny House Town also has a huge Pinterest following.
tiny house

7. Tiny Home Tour

Tiny Home Tour, with close to 1 million people following it on Facebook, has the largest tiny house Facebook community.
tiny house

8. The Tiny Life

The tiny life is unique in that it doesn’t just focus on tiny house or how efficient they are, The Tiny Life also focuses on sustaining and thriving in your tiny living space.

The Tiny Life also created the most shared Tiny House Infographic which can be found here.

Ryan Mitchell, the co-owner of The Tiny Life, is also a co-moderator of the subreddit r/TinyHouses.
tiny house

9. Tiny Living

Tiny Living is similar to Tiny House Swoon and Tiny House Town in that they curate high quality eye-candy tiny house photos.
tiny house

10. Exploring Alternatives

As the name implies, Exploring Alternatives showcases alternative dwelling places. However, most of the showcased abodes have less than 400 Sq Ft of living space. Exploring alternative are especially known for their highly engaging Youtube channel.
tiny house

11. Tiny House Design

Tiny House Design is a major repository of high quality tiny house plans, both free and premium plans.

12. Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Giant Journey is principally run by Jenna. Jenna also has a very engaging Youtube channel of the same name.
tiny house

13. Living Big In A Tiny House

With more than 400,000 subscribers on the Youtube channel, Living Big In A Tiny House has the largest tiny house presence on Youtube.
tiny house

14. Living in a Shoebox

tiny house

15. Rowdy Kittens

tiny house

16. 120 Square Feet

tiny house

17. SHEDsistence

tiny house

There you have it folks. These are the top 17 tiny house blogs that would give you immense value if you spend little time with them.